March 9, 2015

Celebrating a Christ-Centered Easter by Emily Belle Freeman

Would you like to make Easter a more meaningful celebration in your home?

Once, several years ago, I had a conversation with Truman G. Madsen and his lovely wife Ann in their Provo home. I was attending BYU, and Ann Madsen was my New Testament teacher at the time. She had invited me, along with a few other members of the class, to visit her home. As the others were leaving, I found myself with Truman and Ann in their kitchen. Soon the discussion turned to Easter, and more specifically Easter Traditions and I found myself listening with my whole heart to every word that passed their lips. Here were two people who had lived in the Holy Land for many years, had studied the holy prophets, had dedicated their lives to the scriptures; here were two people who when they talked about the Savior, it felt as if they had met him before.

I left that day with a new love and appreciation for the opportunity we have to celebrate Easter and for the sacred words, "He is Risen."

Since that day, nearly 20 years ago, I have truly loved the Easter holiday and tried to incorporate special Easter traditions into my own family's celebration.

This new book by Emily Belle Freeman is an incredible resource and opportunity for you to transform your Easter into a spiritual, healing, and inspiring holiday for your family. It is filled with testimony, love and the hope found in and through Jesus the Christ.

Emily has been generous enough to share simple traditions and teaching opportunities that have worked in her home. I can't thank her enough for sharing these messages with me.

This book focuses on the experiences that people had with Jesus the week before his crucifixion and resurrection. It includes the stories of Lazarus, Simon, Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, Mary Magdalene, Mary and Salome, The Disciples on the Road to Emmaus and Jesus Christ himself.

Each of the 7 experiences included in the book detail scriptures and also a simple craft or token to represent the story shared and the meaning behind it. They are set up like small devotionals that you can share through out the weeks leading up to your Easter Celebration. They are well written, well thought-out and easy to implement in your home.

Emily Belle Freeman is a gifted writer. One of the things that she excels at is opening the scriptures and likening them to our day. She often helps me find myself with in the pages of the written word.

From Deseret Book:
Discover how the personal experiences of people who were closest to the Savior during the final week of His life can change the way your family celebrates Easter. Learn the meaning behind the wheat baskets, the forget knot, the red egg, and other traditions that will help Easter become a "High Holy Day" in your heart and in your home.  
Celebrating a Christ-Centered Easter offers hope for an Easter filled with the Spirit of Christ as we offer our finest to Him in deepest gratitude for His sacrifice. Return to the spiritual roots of this holy celebration with this beautiful gift book that will help bring you and your family closer to Jesus Christ.

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