June 4, 2015

The Blueprint of Christ's Church by Tad R. Callister



The back cover of this book reads:      
  "We need to know not only the doctrine but, whenever possible, the underlying rationale so we cam explain the doctrine in a clear and concise an powerful way."
Brother Callister has done us all a real favor with this book. He has provided us with a "systematic explanation of foundational gospel principles, tying them to Jesus Christ and demonstrating how the "blueprint" of the original Church of Jesus Christ matches the structure of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."
This book would be a great gift for any gospel student. It is scripturally based with the majority of its references coming straight from the Bible. I think that any parent, teacher, missionary or Church leader could benefit from this book. Many frequent questions are answered in its pages with a solid explanation so that you will be prepared and educated the next time you receive a difficult question.
I'm not quite finished with the book, but I've found it so easy to read and so educational. It is set up to serve as a resource that we can include in our study continually. This book will not be collecting dust.