September 28, 2011

Wednesday: Did You Know?

Did You Know...

1.  Elder Uchtdorf's talk during the Relief Society General Broadcast made me think about the night that I stayed up until 2:00am making a headband for Kate to wear on Easter Sunday. FOOLISH SACRIFICE! But darn cute!!!
(Printable courtesy of lollyjaneboutique)

2. Dylan started a small fire in our house last night. I probably shouldn't have assumed that he would know to put water in his CUP OF NOODLES before putting it in the microwave for 3 minutes. You should smell my house. I'm thinking I might need to buy a new one {HOUSE}. 

3. Thirteen Years ago today I returned home from serving a Full-Time mission to Seattle, Washington. I really can't BELIEVE that it has been 13 years. THIRTEEN YEARS PEOPLE. I'm kind of old.

4. September visiting teaching = 100%. 1 month down...FOREVER TO GO.

5. Kimm came to visit this week. You might remember her from {Here} and {Here}. She is loved by everyone who knows her and I miss her. She lived with me for a year and a half and I keep begging her to move back to Blackfoot, ID. COME BACK KIMM!!!

6. Today Sawyer keeps telling me he wants to play BABY. so I wrap him up in a blanket and tell him to close his eyes. I slowly rock him back and forth and back and forth. He smiles. He kisses my chest. I think he misses being the only baby in the family. I still think of him as my baby. But there are Thomas The Tank Engine Undies and Lightning McQueen Undies in the mail as I type. So he isn't going to be my baby for much longer. He is going to be graduating to the TOILET!!! Wish me luck.

7. I took Dylan to get 5 warts removed today. OUCH. I could tell it was hurting him really bad, but he faced his fears and didn't cry, even though I could see those sweet tears welling up in his eyes. What a cute, WARTY kid.

8.  Scott works really hard. LIKE REALLY HARD. We participated in two parades this last month for ANYTIME FITNESS. {these might get their own post} Being a business owner is the perfect job for Scott, but it comes with a lot of HARD work and DEDICATION. There isn't a day that Scott leaves for work that I am not COMPLETELY grateful that I get to stay home with my children. We made a choice in the early years in our marriage that we would exercise our faith and ask the Lord to provide for us so that we could have a large family, and the Lord has kept his promises to us. Scott has done ALL he can to see that we are provided for and I am amazed at the energy and work ethic he has. I married a pretty AMAZING guy. {and SMART, and CUTE, and NINE! (this is how Sawyer says 'Nice'!) I love you ScottyBuns.

9. Wyatt is SLEEPING in a crib now. Like, FOR REAL. It is AWESOME. Something is so RIGHT about putting the boys to sleep together in their own little room. I can't believe it is actually working. One Week down.

10. Kate Started Dance this week and I am so excited for her. She gets to participate in the most amazing Dance program and she loves it. I am secretly trying not to live my dreams through her, but so far she likes it. A LOT.


neuroticmom said...

Hi Erin, I've been following your blog for awhile. I love it! Guess what video I pulled out last night and watched? Remember when you were the bear and I was the doll in the Nutcracker??? So fun! It's fun to read about your cute family. Take care.

JULENE said...

I haven't seen you or your cute little family in forever!!!! I am so excited to turn the calendar to October cause I am hoping that I will get to see my sweet little Peterson trick or treaters. You are a busy, amazing Mom and I want you to know that I Love You All.