October 19, 2011

Wednesday: Did You Know?

Did You Know???

1. I made the LIST!!! I got a text yesterday from my friend Marlo and it said, "your name is written on the bathroom wall". I had to text her back to figure out what she was talking about. She was at Anytime Fitness and my name made the list for most club usage in the month of September. I was # 19!!! I burned off 10 lbs at that place in the last 6 weeks. I think I earned it!

2. I am still on track to complete The Book Of Mormon in the month of October. Today I was at the gym doing squats while I was reading Alma chapter 32. I'm having to make use of every spare second so that I can reach my goal. I feel immersed in the GOOD WORD OF GOD, and I am becoming reacquainted with my love of The Book Of Mormon.

3. Wyatt, Wy-Wiggs, Wiggles, WyWy turned 8 months old. His skin is so milky, I adore him. He loves to eat and finally has figured out how to swallow food. He is  obsessed with Baby Einstein, his mamma, watching the siblings play, sucking on anything and everything, waking up during the night...over...and over again, laughing, smiling, grunting and kissing.

I was too lazy to upload my pictues so this is stolen from {Here} 

4. The leaves on my new maple trees are to dye for. They are so beautiful and I love them so much. Thank you Scott for supporting my major splurge this year buying 10 new BIG trees.

5. Saturday I took Kate to the Doctor. I thought she had an ear infection, but she just has fluids draining behind her ears. The Doctor we saw was the nicest guy and told me an old pioneer trick for relieving pressure on the ears. This lead to talking about the movie 17 Miracles. Have you entered my giveaway? Only a few hours left. Then I made soup and took it to Super Saturday at the church. I spilled half of it in the back of my car (AHHHH!) I got to be social with my friends for a few hours and then Scott picked me up and we headed to the BRAND NEW $2.00 theater in Blackfoot and saw Cars 2 with the kids.

6. I was in the Movie the RM? If you are a new reader you might not know. I played the part of Molly and got to dump the RM. I am in the opening scene of the trailer saying goodbye at the airport. Feel free to make fun of me and laugh because BOY DO I!!!

7. Kate is 5 and she is nice enough to tie her older brother shoes for him. Dylan is 7 and just cannot make his fingers do the work. Poor kid.

8. I got to listen to Scott teach our Primary class on Sunday and he is AWESOME. He is so good at teaching and really has a way of keeping the kids attention and making the lesson appeal to them. This is so attractive to me and I sort of want to kiss him while he is teaching the lesson.

9. My friend SUE and her daughter KATE (sue is like a mother and Kate like a sister) were both in the hospital on Monday. Sue had an ENORMOUS surgery following her Chemotherapy to remove damaged and cancerous tissues ( I don't even know all they did) on the Pancreas and surrounding organs. She will be in the hospital recovering for 10 days. Kate had a baby on this very same day. Her first and I am so happy for her. Sue, I hope you get better quickly so that you can go and see that sweet little grandson! I'm praying for you.

10. Dylan is a cutie and I love him. 2nd grade School Picture.

Have you ever read The Book Of Mormon In 30 Days?
Have you seen the Movie the RM?
Has your name ever been on the bathroom wall?
Have you had a friend or loved one that has battled cancer?


Traci said...

too funny, i didn't realize u were in the rm! way to go girl! now i can say i know someone famous!!!:)
ur baby is so cute too!
way to go with reading the bofm in the month october! u r an inspiration!!!

Greg said...

I love the RM! what a great movie!

coco said...

You are the best! I am so proud and jealous of you. I love all of your posts. Keep it up.

Hollie said...

How did I get so lucky to have the most amazing BFF in the world? You make me happy and inspired. Love you!

Lisa Johnson said...

That is awesome that you were in the movie the RM. I had no idea! I'll have to go back and watch it now that I know what part you were. It's so sad that Kirby is doing beer commercials now! I saw one on TV the other day and recognized him from all the church movies. And best wishes and prayers to your friends that were in the hospital on the same day!

Curls said...

I read the Book of Mormon in 30 days twice. It's a great experience, you really see the overarching themes a lot better and because you're spending so much time with the it your testimony of it grows by leaps and bounds.