October 17, 2011

Week 6 Report and Weigh-in

Week 6 Report and Weigh-in

Here it is. I played mental sabotage with myself this week. I doubted my abilities and my potential. I was a mess. I got in some pretty amazing workouts, but I sort of lost focus of my goal and gave into small edible temptations.  

The good news is that I am not making excuses for myself and I have my head back in the game.

Monday Oct. 10
Lower Body Weights

Tuesday Oct. 11
Upper Body Weights and HITT (With Trainer Lisa) Started new 4 day split with Super sets and plyo

Wednesday Oct.12
Lower body Weights

Thursday Oct. 13
Upper Body weights and HITT

Friday Oct. 14
Lower Body Weights and PLYO

Saturday Oct. 15 
Day Off
Weigh-in Report 

Starting Weight: 168lbs
Last Week Weight: 158.6 lbs 
Current Weight: 159.00 lbs
This Week's Weight Loss: +.4 lbs (OH man!)

Changes I've noticed... 

Physical: The new workouts that I am doing are amazing. I can hardly believe that I can do things that I couldn't have dreamed of just 6 short weeks ago. I am amazing myself everyday. I'm pretty proud of myself. And I can jump pretty high. Go Figure.

Mental: I already told you that I had some hard days last week. I had a bit of depression and self pity. I give in too easily sometimes.

Spiritual: I am facing some hard truths about myself.  I'm learning that I can do hard things. I am learning that I really can ask my Heavenly Father for help with getting in shape, or controlling my eating. I sometimes feel like I should be able to do it alone, but I am so much more capable when I rely on the Lord. (Duh!)


Curls said...

I had a duh moment just like that when it occurred to me I could ask Heavenly Father for help sticking to a budget and not feeling sorry for myself for all the things I couldn't afford. I don't know why that didn't occur to me sooner, and I wish it had because it made a HUGE difference.

Christina said...

I have those realizations all the time. I think we all live far below our privileges in relying on our Heavenly Father for help in ALL things. I love reading about your progress. You're doing great!

Anonymous said...

I am inspired by your weight-loss 'journey' (sounds pretty epic...) Anyways. I had a baby in january, and am in a similar boat - I still have 25 pounds to lose.

I definitely live below my privileges, and I do pray about weight loss a lot, but I think that I pray, as taught by Devn Cornish (in Oct. Conference) - in a not very honest manner. I'm kind of like a kid that hasn't done homework, then asks for help on the test. Well - not quite - I work out a lot, but i'm not the best with eating. Anyways...not sure what my point is, but I think that involving Heavenly Father is a really good idea. He wants us to be happy, and He wants us to be good stewards over our bodies - our temples.

oh - btw - do you only "weigh-in"? Do you ever take your measurements? It is nice to have more than one gauge on total fitness (weight isn't always that helpful)- especially since you are working out a lot - as muscle is heavier than fat.

Long, rambly comment...sorry...keep up the good work!