November 6, 2011

Sunday Thoughts: Out Of The Mouth Of Babe's

Sauce fell asleep in the Big chair. He is so sweet.
Today at church there were several moments that had me rolling with laughter.

The first was this cute little girl whose mom was bearing her testimony. The little girl was about 3 years old and she kept shouting from her seat, "Mom, you are doing a really great job. Mom, you are doing really good. Mom, you are doing so good." It was so cute and so funny.

The second was when Kate stood up and shared her testimony. She was pretty nervous being up in front of the entire congregation so she was whispering, but I was standing right next to her when She said, "I know Jesus loves us if we are in heaven. I know he loves us if we are on the earth. And I know he loves us if we are dead." It sounded so funny and it totally cracked me up.

The third thing was during the closing prayer in primary. Cute Kayden gives the closing prayer about every other week and he is so little and so thoughtful. I am always laughing at the things that he says. Today he said, "Bless us to Repent! Bless us to be good and to sin A LITTLE less." He totally stressed the part 'a little' and I was dying. It was so funny.

Attending Church is just good for the Soul. I love the kiddo's. 

Did you hear anything funny at church today?


T-Lo said...

Sunday school teacher in Centralia Ward talking about modesty today said "I don't think Victoria has many Secrets left."

Botts said...

We are practicing for our primary program. We had the junior and senior primary in the primary room practicing the songs for almost 2 hours. When it was time to go to Sacrament meeting, which is last in our ward, we had the closing prayer and excused the children.

When we went from classroom to classroom to put chairs away because we are the last ward to use the building, we found the entire 5 year-old class in their classroom waiting for their teacher to come teach class.

They didn't realize we had used their class time to practice for the program.